It all started with a bath.

Growing up, we always loved using fizzing bath bombs. But we couldn't help but feel a little bit sad when a bomb finished dissolving because, well... it was gone. So we decided to create our own line of bath bombs that each contain a fun surprise in the middle! Now isn't that way more exciting than a bath bomb that just disappears? (We think so!) We also wanted to keep our bombs as natural as possible, so we make them ourselves using just a few simple, high quality ingredients. 

-Isabel (18) and Caroline (16)

Isabel and Caroline standing with confetti falling down.

Business is booming!

Da Bomb Bath Fizzers are incredibly popular with kids and adults alike! Since we created them in 2012 (when we were just 10 and 11 years old), they've been flying off the shelves at retail stores all over the country, and are available right here on our website for purchase. For wholesale inquiries, please email

Hands on Manufacturing. Literally.

All our bombs are handmade in the USA. We used to make all the bombs ourselves but, due to increasing demand, we eventually hired some people to help us. Even our little brother, Harry, has been known to contribute. (He's the brilliant mind behind the Ninja Bomb, by the way.)