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Whoops! Jar of Bath Bombs


Our goof is your gain. If you're not picky, this is a great money saving option!

Here's the deal:

We'll send you a $25.00 "oddball" Jar of Bath Bombs (8 golf ball-sized mini bombs) for $14.00. Maybe we forgot to put surprises inside a few of them. Maybe the wrong surprise is inside. Maybe the bombs have cracks in them. Maybe we were trying out a new fragrance/topping/color combo. Or maybe the poor little fizzers are just a bit weird looking. Regardless of their imperfections, these mini bath bombs will still fizz wonderfully, and they will still contain moisturizing oils and wonderful fragrances!

Warning: Choking hazard- small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

Your bath bomb(s) will arrive in our signature jar packaging, along with an adhesive "Whoops" label. The jar label itself will also have a small hole punched in the corner to denote its "Whoops" status.

Please recycle.

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Whoops Jars

Additional Info

INGREDIENTS: baking soda, citric acid, food grade PEG, fragrance. May contain pigment, sugar topping and/or mica. 

WARNING: Not edible. Keep out of eyes and mouth. In rare cases, skin irritation may occur. This product might make your tub slippery, so be careful. Always test product on a small area of skin before use and avoid use if skin has been exposed to harsh chemicals, such as chlorine.

Created by a pair of teenage sisterpreneurs™. Handmade in the USA.